Thursday, March 27, 2008

The St. John Ambulance of Malaysia device

All official use of the SJAM device is stated in the General Regulations of the St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, 1996 and should be accurately represented in the following manner:
  • The white St. John cross with the white Royal Lions and Unicorns encircled in a black background when used as black and white. No other part of the cross shall be changed.
  • The name "St. John Ambulans" in Malay shall be used. English representation of the name shall not be used in Malaysia.
  • Note the "T" in "St.". For the device purpose, the period shall be underneath the letter "T". However, for written purpose, the normal convention of writing shall be used i.e., "St."
  • The name "St. John Ambulans" starts from the lower point of the left cross and all around towards the lower point of the right cross. The "N" in "John" and the "M" in "Ambulans" shall be directly above to left and right points of the top cross respectively.
  • The word "Malaysia" shall be represented at the bottom of the device with the first "A" and "S" directly below the left and right points of the bottom cross respectively.

No other alterations to the SJAM device shall be permitted. If in doubt, kindly contact the Hon. Secretary-General of SJAM or your State/Regional Commander.

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