Friday, September 24, 2010

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St. John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) is one of the most active voluntary organization is Malaysia. With over 60,000 volunteers nationwide, St. John Ambulance Malaysia is dedicated in promoting and encouraging all works of humanity and charity without any discrimination of race, class or creed. SJAM members carry out first aid and home nursing duties in public event and function to enable immediate assistance rendered when there is needed.

Through our various programme and training modules, SJAM volunteers are not solely in First Aid training, as a First Aid voluntary Non-Governmental Organization, our volunteers also exposed to various generic skill training through our activities.

Our members are consist of following categories:

i) Ambulance and Nursing Adult Members
The membership is open to any individual who keen to help the community, service to mankind, age from 16-65 years old. Members are trained in First Aid and Basic Life Support (BLS), equipped to render assistance to those sick and injured. Additional advance training and life saving modules will be added for interested members.
Potential members will get promoted to Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) and Officers to lead the members and organization.
Adult members will carry our First Aid Duties, Community Service, lead and train the cadets and juniors, ambulance service, home nursing and etc.

ii) Ambulance and Nursing Cadet Members
Any individual between age 10-18 years old can apply to join us as cadets. Cadets are trained in Basic First Aid, Foot Drill and taking part in various interactive activity. The programme enables young people to learn important life skill in a fun and safe environment but with challenge and excitement appropriate to their age. The target of the cadets will be the Grand Prior Award, which is the highest award for St. John Ambulance Cadet World Wide.

iii) St. John Juniors
St. John Juniors membership are open to boys and girls age 8-11. Junior are encourage in their mental physical development and prepared for the challenges of being a Cadets. They are expose to the "Essential of First Aid" and will include other subject such as First Aid and Nursing knowledge and introduction to SJAM, Road and Home Safety, General Knowledge and Physical Recreation.

If you are interest in joining our force, please contact with :
Mr Jackson Liu Shyan Chi, Area Honorary Secretary
+6 012 631 0993 or +6 016 332 3929
Email us at

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